Date: 10 Jun 2021
Category: News

If you missed the workplace testing registration deadline, you can still access rapid tests for your employees if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

Getting a rapid test twice a week will help to contain the spread of the virus and protect you, your loved ones, your colleagues and your customers.

If you’ve already registered: You can order free rapid lateral flow tests until 30 June 2021.

You can order tests either:
to use in the workplace
for your employees to collect and take home

If you’ve not registered: You cannot order free tests.
You can choose to:

buy your own tests and set up your own workplace testing
pay an approved provider to provide tests or run a test site for you

If you cannot set up testing, you can ask your employees to check if they can get a rapid lateral flow test at home or at a test site on NHS.UK.
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