Date: 19 May 2020
Category: News

We understand that the ongoing pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on local businesses of all sizes, and from all sectors, and will continue to bring challenges over the coming months. While you are no doubt working hard to respond to the evolving situation we would appreciate your time in completing the Business Impact Survey.

The survey is for all business owners operating within the London Borough of Hounslow, as well as social enterprises and individuals who are self-employed or who do freelance work.  We want to hear from you about what you need in the short, medium and long term so please complete this form to let us know how this challenge is affecting you, your staff and the wider community. The results from the survey will be invaluable in evidencing the impact of covid-19 on local businesses, and shaping the council’s support and assistance for you as we move forward.  

Your contact name and email will not be shared externally. By submitting your contact details, you are consenting to us (the Council) contacting you with general business guidance and information only.

Link to the Business Impact Survey

We are very aware of the stress being put upon businesses during the pandemic and want to assist you navigate through. If you have any questions please email