Date: 10 Jun 2020
Category: News

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. As promised we are giving you priority notification that the Discretionary Business Support Grant for small and microbusiness in Hounslow borough is now open. 

The new Grant is intended to aide those businesses who have so far not been able to benefit from funding from central government during the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to qualify small and microbusinesses must meet a stringent set of criteria designed to target the funding at those businesses who have suffered the greatest loss of income as a result of Covid-19. Hounslow has been awarded £1.8m and will be distributing grants of £25,000, £10,000 and £5,000 depending on businesses property costs, this will provide support to an estimated 200 businesses. 

Please read the Discretionary Business Support Grant Policy May 2020 to make sure your business qualifies before making an application.

We urge you to get your applications in quickly as we will be issuing the grant funding on a first come first served basis to small and micro businesses who have applied and meet the criteria, and hope to complete the process and issue the funds to the approved businesses by the end of June.

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