Date: 27 May 2021
Category: Events

It’s 3 weeks to go until Clean Air Day 2021! We are highlighting the various resources and activities on offer for businesses, large and small, to get involved with to mark Clean Air Day on 17 June.

1. Business call to action Do – Demonstrate your corporate responsibility to respect children’s health, by mapping how your company contributes to air pollution and developing a plan to tackle it.  Say – Make a public statement outlining your company’s commitment to assessing and addressing its business impact on air quality.  

2. Clean Air Day business-oriented webinar  Organisations across the UK are invited to join our business-oriented webinar at 4pm on 17th June –Businesses’ new responsibility: respecting a child’s right to a clean & healthy environment. 

3. Clean Air Day resources for business  We have developed a range of resources for companies, large and small, to download from the Clean Air Day site to support your business.

4. Air Pollution: The next sustainability challenge for business  Global Action Plan will be publishing a White Paper that addresses businesses’ responsibility to act on air pollution, and will offer general guidance to different industry sectors on steps companies can adopt to tackle air pollution. 
Business Resources here