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West of the Borough

West of  borough plan review

The Council is starting work on a new plan for the western side of the Borough. The West of Borough Plan will focus on the areas of Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow West, Bedfont and Cranford and Heston. The area abuts Heathrow Airport and contains large areas of open space, and much of it is designated as Metropolitan Green Belt.

The Plan will add to the adopted London Borough of Hounslow Local Plan to focus on this area, and provide a vision for significant change over the next 15 years. It will facilitate transport-led regeneration and residential and employment growth, review the function of the Green Belt and respect the important character and history of the area. The West of Borough Plan will be used to guide development, investment and improvement in this area and identify new sites allocations for development. New infrastructure needs will be identified.

In July 2015, the Davies Commission – an independent investigation into the future needs of the aviation industry in the UK – favoured building a third runway at Heathrow to meet the country’s air transport needs. There has been no political commitment to this finding to date, but it is clear that the Airport will continue to be a significant factor in Hounslow’s economy and environment whether or not a third runway is built.

The West of Borough plan will seek to influence and respond to government decision making about airport expansion, and regardless of the decision about a ‘third runway’, build upon the potential benefits and mitigate the potential harmful impacts of the Airport upon Hounslow.

The council is committed to working closely with all the adjoining local authorities, Heathrow Airport Limited and the GLA to develop a shared sub-regional vision and strategy. This will help all to better plan together for the future of the airport, businesses and local communities in the sub region.

View the West of the Borough Plan Issues and Consultation (PDF Help, size 2493kb)

Next steps

Thank you for submitting your comments to the issues consultation paper for the West of Borough Plan. We are currently analysing your comments and beginning work on the drafting of the plan.

Later, in 2016 we will publish a draft preferred options plan. The revised publication plan will then be published for formal representations before it is submitted for an Independent Examination.

Background papers

These background papers, or lines of enquiry, provide information on the key work streams and evidence base documents being undertaken in conjunction with this plan.

Local Plan Review Call for Sites (2016)

View the Local Plan review call for sites (2016)

Made In Feltham

Read the Industrial Land Review here

Technical details

The plan will inform alterations to the adopted Local Plan, adding additional policies and site allocations and designations within a geographic area to be defined in the plan (probably in the form of an additional chapter). There is pontential for a limited number of other necessary alternations to existing policies and designations in the rest of the Local Plan.


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