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Thy Neybor

Contribute and knit with the nearest future friends and family
around you

Know what’s happening in your area

Share your thoughts, findings, anything that may be useful for others in your area

Run local community groups, events, share and give away to the local charities or community members

Oraganise local events

  • bring and sell day/car boot sales
  • gathering day/ parties
  • promote safer neighbourhood

A social platform that build’s trusted neighbourhoods

  • risks of the unknown neighbour
  • minimise the risk’s of burglary & break inn’s
  • nearest help at click of a button

We say

“Be Genuine Be Who You Are”

Buy Local and Spread Local

Buy and connect seamlessly with your preferable business and use and review their services each time you use them

Find someone to fix your phone or to get your T-shirts printed!

We take you to the nearest , trusted and recommended businesses by your local community.

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