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Super-Fast Broadband

Businesses get up to £3,000 for high-speed broadband

Your business could get up to £3k for a faster broadband connection, usually of 30Mbit/s or more. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll be able to do:

Work in the cloud

  • Flexible storage means your business won’t need to buy server hardware when growing
  • Your staff can access all files and applications on the go, so easier to work when and where they need to
  • All your files are backed up, so disaster recovery won’t be a crisis

Really quick data transfer

  • Send big files quickly and securely, allowing data hungry companies to benefit the most
  • Customer and supplier management systems will work better and be more accessible

Super speedy connection

  • Enjoy reliable videoconferencing and make the most of the web
  • Increase productivity, everything you use online will work more quickly and reliably every day

Interested? Let us know and we’ll be in touch as soon as the scheme goes live in your area.

The scheme remains open for applications until 31 March 2015. To apply for a grant, click here

Click here to discover how hundreds of firms have already benefited.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is making available up to £100 million to SMEs across 22 UK cities. The scheme in the capital will be rolled out by Mayor of London and local boroughs including Hounslow by spring 2014. You can find out more about the scheme on the connection vouchers website.

If you’re not sure of your current business broadband speed, you can check it online at the Broadband speedchecker website.

To find out more about opportunities to invest or develop in the London Borough of Hounslow

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