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St Lawrence’s Beats the Streets

Walking and being active has made St Lawrence’s RC Primary School winners after it came top of the class in Beat the Street Hounslow challenge.


Pupils at the Feltham School were this week presented with a trophy and an additional £500 to spend on sports equipment after they travelled furthest and topped the total amount of points on the leaderboard in the borough-wide competition which is funded by Hounslow Council.


The school’s 706 team members clocked up 5,731 miles through walking, cycling and running in the activity challenge that was designed to encourage young and old to ditch the car for six weeks and get more active on a daily basis.


Hounslow rose to the challenge magnificently and saw 11,000 residents and pupils walking, running or cycling a total of 39, 286 miles.


Roy McCormack, Headteacher at St Lawrence’s said: “We loved playing Beat the Street and it was wonderful to see everyone contributing and trying their best.


“It was such a brilliant scheme which was simple but effective. While it was a fun competition, the point of it was to get us into the habit of walking, so I’d urge all our pupils to keep walking as much as they can.”


There were also prizes for Berkeley Primary School, Heston, who came in second place for the total amount of points gained, as 539 team members walked 3,525 miles. They were also presented with a trophy and a cheque for £250.


Next up was Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School, Feltham, who came in at second place on the average points leaderboard. They were also rewarded for their efforts with a trophy and £250 after 249 team members walked 2,010 miles.


Councillor Nisar Malik, Mayor of Hounslow presented the prizes, he said: “We’re delighted to see that the people of Hounslow have had such a great time playing Beat the Street.


“As well as the health benefits, we’ve heard stories about people who have discovered new parts of the borough and it has really got the community together.


“Congratulations in particular to St Lawrence’s Primary School but everyone who took part is a winner for taking positive steps to get active.”


The Beat the Street campaign encouraged people to ditch the car and to walk where possible. It was funded by the EU Switch campaign and the London Borough of Hounslow.


Councillor Ed Mayne, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Leisure, Hounslow Council, said: “It has been fantastic to see the effort put in by our schools and members of the local community to Beat the Street Hounslow.

“Not only has everyone had fun but it has encouraged so many to be more active, to try different sports or even just enjoy a simple walk. The next challenge now is to continue being active and hopefully taking part in Beat the Street has inspired everyone to do this.”

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