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London’s gateway to the World

The Golden Mile is a stretch of the A4/M4 that runs from the Chiswick roundabout in the east 2.5 miles to Gillette Corner in the west, and forms an important, strategic corridor into central London from Heathrow Airport. It is at the heart of Hounslow’s plans for economic growth.

Once a manufacturing area, it is now a prized destination for global, European and UK HQs where 200 companies employ around 25,000 people. This location brings international connectivity to the capital and the wider South East region.  It has the potential to be a premium inward investment location with global attraction and reach and the ability to become both a unique place and experience, highly attractive to business, investors and visitors alike.

The Golden Mile is London’s gateway to the world from Heathrow Airport


Re-imagining the Great West Road

The borough is undertaking visioning and master-planning to protect and enhance the economic role of the Great West Road to attract new businesses, retain existing companies and improve accessibility to public transport.

Working with our neighbouring boroughs and stakeholders we are seeking to re-imagine and transform how this corridor will function and look, so that regionally and nationally we have a gateway for London that properly announces its World City status and which fully capitalises on its prime assets of location, connection and place.

The Vision is to successfully re-invigorate the Golden Mile, recapture the spirit and ethos of its historic past and provide the basis for a renaissance of the corridor into a successful, high quality, 21st century destination for employers, workers, residents and visitors. The vision identifies opportunities and projects to support the desired sustainable economic growth, such as by improving public transport connections including enhanced frequencies on existing services and provision of new links to HS2 and Cross rail.



In 2011, the London Borough of Hounslow was awarded £500,000 in Round 1 of the Outer London Fund for a programme of shop front improvements, events, and street markets in Hounslow and Brentford town centres. In 2012, the borough received the largest combined award in Round 2 for Hounslow High Street and Brentford, worth £3 million, matched by £750,000 the Council.  The investment has kick-started the regeneration of Hounslow and Brentford town centres.


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