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Brentford will be regenerated as a vibrant District Centre that celebrates the town’s heritage and waterside location. This will be realised in part through the delivery of the Brentford Waterside site, with a planning application currently being assessed, and other smaller scale infill sites within the area providing new retail with a mix of employment, residential, leisure, entertainment and cultural uses. It will become a place to do business, utilising its close proximity to the Golden Mile.


Brentford Town Centre Regeneration

In 2011, the London Borough of Hounslow was awarded £500,000 in Round 1 of the Outer London Fund for a programme of shop front improvements, events, and street markets in Hounslow and Brentford. In 2012, the borough received the largest combined award in Round 2 for Hounslow High Street and Brentford, worth £3 million, matched by £750,000 from the Council.  The investment has kick-started the regeneration of Hounslow and Brentford town centres.


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