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Power to the people! Hounslow launches crowdfunding platform

Hounslow Council has launched a new crowdfunding platform for community projects called Our Hounslow. This is a new way for people who live in the borough to raise funds for local projects that improve where they live. If residents want to enhance their street or neighbourhood, improve their local park or play area or simply bring people together, Our Hounslow will become the best way to raise the money to make it happen.

To bring this exciting project to fruition, the council has partnered with Spacehive, the award-winning funding platform and the only UK based crowdfunding platform solely for projects aimed at improving local civic and community spaces.

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money and stimulate support for a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Through Our Hounslow, residents of Hounslow will have the opportunity to ask friends, family and neighbours to back a local project by pledging money to support it.  Everyone contributes a little until you reach your target amount. Hounslow Council has put its weight behind this exciting new scheme and will support projects that have the backing of the local community with up to £5,000 of match funding per project out of a total fund available of £50,000.

Councillor Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement said:

“This is an exciting initiative for us. Crowdfunding is a new way for local people to lend their support to worthwhile projects in their area. It is also a great way of rewarding residents for getting involved in improving their area, as the popularity of a project will ultimately determine its outcome. The success of crowdfunding elsewhere shows that it is an effective way for councils to work with their residents. Hopefully it will encourage more people to take an interest in their local area and communities.”

The council’s Community Partnerships Unit hosted a launch event for the Our Hounslow crowdfunding platform at the Hounslow Arts Centre on Wednesday 7 March.

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