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Mayor’s message of peace for Ramadan

Mayor’s message of peace for Ramadan

The Mayor of Hounslow has wished the Muslim community of the borough a blessed Ramadan.

Muslims believe the ninth lunar month of the Islamic year is the holiest period when Allah revealed the Quran to the prophet Muhammud in 609AD.

Followers, except those with health problems or pregnant women, fast throughout the hours of daylight during the 28-day Islamic holy month bookended by two meals before dawn and after the sun goes down that are traditionally spent with friends, neighbours and extended family members.

They are encouraged to read the Quor’an at least once during Ramadan and spend more time than usual in prayer and reflection.

Hounslow Mayor Councillor Nisar Malik today (Thursday 18 June) wished Hounslow’s Muslim community a blessed Ramadan.

In Britain, the 2015 Ramadan period began yesterday, with Eid al-Fitr, which this year falls on 17 July, marking the end of the fasting period.

Cllr Malik said: “Ramadan month unites everyone – its teachings give us happiness, satisfaction when we help others and the rewards which we receive are bountiful.

“This is a time of year when Muslims have the chance to work together with people of other faith and race groups in our communities to sow the seeds of harmony in the borough.”

Ramadan Mubarak.”

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