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Locate your polling station

An online tool has been launched to help Hounslow residents locate their polling stations for the upcoming Mayor of London and London Assembly elections on 5 May.

The interactive polling station finder, available at uses electoral register information to identify the specific polling station each voter should visit to cast their votes.

To use the tool, go to the ‘Voter’ section of the website, select ‘Ways of voting’ and input their postcodes into the polling station finder search box.  The polling station finder will then produce the address of their allocated polling station and show its proximity to their home on an interactive map.

On 5 May, Londoners can only vote at the polling station which has been assigned to them.  The location of the polling station is also available on the polling card registered voters should have received through the post. You do not need to take your polling card to vote.

The Mayor and the London Assembly are responsible for issues that affect every Londoner – from transport and policing, to housing and the environment – with a budget of some £16bn per year.

The Assembly keeps a check on the Mayor’s work and investigates issues that matter to Londoners. Videos on YouTube feature animated explanations of the work of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. View the videos here.

 Who am I voting for?

These elections are for the Mayor of London, the 14 Constituency London Assembly Members, and the 11 London-wide Assembly Members. You will be given three ballot papers when you vote. For more information visit London Elect’s – how to vote page.

The candidates have been officially announced and are listed below.

Mayor of London

You can make a first and second choice from the list of candidates. Click on the names to read their mini-manifestos.

Constituency Assembly Members

You can make one vote for the candidate you would like to represent you in your local area. Candidates either represent a political party or are standing as an independent. The candidates and political parties vary between each of the 14 Constituencies. You can only vote for the candidates standing in your local Constituency.

View the Constituency Assembly Member candidates

London-wide Assembly Members

You also have one vote for the political party you want to represent the whole of the London. There are 11 London-wide Assembly Member seats in total and the candidates will be elected in the order they appear on the list. For example, if the party wins two seats, the first two candidates on the list will be elected.

View the London-wide Assembly Member candidates


How to vote

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on election day. Before 5 May, you will receive your polling card through your door. This will include details of your named polling station. You do not need to take your polling card to the polling station to vote.

You can also vote by post. Hounslow residents must register with the council as a postal voter or the first time by 5pm on 19 April 2016. Your postal ballot papers will be sent to you about a week before Election Day. Mark your votes and return them to arrive before 10pm on 5 May 2016.

You can also vote by proxy. This is when a person you trust votes for your chosen candidates on your behalf if you are unable to make it to the polling station. Hounslow residents wanting a proxy votemust apply to the council by 5pm on 26 April 2016.


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