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Local health and wellbeing services

From 1 April 2016, health and wellbeing services in the borough will unite under one single hub service to be known as One You Hounslow.


One You is one of the largest Public Health England campaigns to be launched since Change4Life and is set to be the biggest campaign to target the adult population in leading a healthier life.


The service provides a broad range of advice, information and support from healthy lifestyle specialists through a dedicated website and online services, telephone and face-to-face support.


One You Hounslow, will support local people to stop smoking, lose weight, eat healthily and exercise more.


It will provide residents with advice on improving their health and the services will be all under one roof.


As well as being able to find out how to get support to stop smoking, heart disease, lose weight (including child weight management) and find out about the best exercise to do, residents can also see how they can gain access to local leisure centre facilities and other local health services.


The community NHS trust will be working alongside the local voluntary sector in Hounslow, the   Hounslow Wellbeing Consortium, led by the Integrated Neurological Services (INS).


Councillor Ed Mayne, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Leisure, Hounslow Council, said:


“The new health and wellbeing service will provide residents with the support they need to make the very simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference to their overall health.


“By having all of this under one service will improve co-ordination, make it easier and quicker for people to access information and increase cost-effectiveness.  


“Our aim is to encourage as many of our residents as possible to make healthier lifestyle choices and this service will provide the assistance they need in doing that and as result, enjoy a better quality of life.”


Patricia Wright, Chief Executive, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust said:


“By bringing together the existing health and wellbeing services in the borough, local people will be able to gain access to faster and more coordinated support to get all the help they need to make healthy lifestyle changes.


“We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to deliver this exciting and innovative new health and well-being service in Hounslow, working closely with key partners in the voluntary sector to give local people the help and support they need to improve their health through a single, easy-to-access service.”


Details on the new One You Hounslow service are available by visiting

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