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At least £250 million

Over £200 million would be needed to insulate every affected home in Hounslow if Heathrow expanded according to new figures released today by Hounslow Council.

The news comes after Leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Steve Curran spoke at a Public Discussion event on the options for airport expansion hosted by the Airports Commission.

Cllr Steve Curran said: “We’re calling for a better not bigger airport which means better noise insulation for homes in Hounslow.

“We estimate this would cost around £200 million so Heathrow’s compensation package of £550 million across 14 local authorities is clearly not nearly enough.”

Cllr Curran also told the Airports Commission that while Hounslow Council washappy with the airport’s recent public commitment to the completion of their existing schools’ insulation programme by summer 2015, he would continue to seek further improvements to benefit schools and local communities.Cllr Curran also called for Heathrow to support the creation of anAviation Skills Academy.

He said: “Hounslow doesn’t want to see Heathrow close but the airport could do more. Heathrow employs tens of thousands of people in the local area. Losing it would be catastrophic to the local economy.

“We want Heathrow to work with us to up-skill our workforce and create an Aviation Skills Academy which would help ensure Hounslow residents have the opportunity to become the engineers, air traffic controllers and pilots of the future.”

Cllr Curran also called for substantial improvements to the public transport network servicing the airports, in particular the Piccadilly Line.

The council’s position of a night flight curfew between 11pm and 7am was strongly repeated to the Airports Commission

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