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Illegal street traders who ignored prosecution warnings are fined almost £2,000

Two traders who illegally displayed goods for sale on the street, have been fined almost £2,000 following action by Hounslow Council.

Warren Bushaway and Alan Hockley, who ran Stargazer Flowers in St John’s Road, Isleworth, ignored warnings from the council’s licensing team and continued to display products outside their shop, even though they had no licence.

Both men had been prosecuted by the council in 2014 for five separate offences of illegal street trading.

When it was clear that the illegal trading was still taking place, a number of Fixed Penalty Notices were issued by the licensing team in late 2015 and early this year [2016]. The men were also sent repeated letters and visits were made, but they did not comply.

At Feltham Magistrates Court, Mr Hockley and Mr Bushaway pleaded guilty to both accounts of illegal street trading. The court heard that the council had given the men many opportunities to stop trading on the streets rather than face court action.

Both traders were fined £500 for each of two separate offences plus ordered to pay £450 each towards council costs. The men also had to pay out a further £60 victim surcharge, bring their collective fines to £1,960.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “It is a case of ignore us at your peril.

“Any trader found to be displaying their goods on the streets without the relevant licence, will be caught, will be dealt with and if they don’t comply and continue to do trade in this way which is illegal, we will prosecute.

“We will act strongly with those irresponsible businesses who think they can ignore what everyone else has to adhere to. We will always take the toughest action possible and let this prosecution be a warning for others.”

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