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Hounslow’s new work experience scheme

Hounslow Council and key employment and education partners have come together with local employers to create WE Hounslow.

To mark the recent Work Experience Week which ran until 14 October, the group collectively known as HSTEP, launched the new initiative.

WE Hounslow is encouraging employers to consider what work experience placements they may be able to offer 14-19 year olds and adults in the borough.

Hounslow Skills Training and Employment Partnership (HSTEP), is a strategic body, supporting 14-19 year olds and adults to enhance their skills and improve their chances of finding work. Partners include Job Centre Plus, Redwood Skills, Spark, University of West London, West Thames College and Hounslow Adult & Community Education.

Work experience placements can range from employers opening up their businesses to residents who want to know more about their industry to longer term placements or internships.

Councillor Richard Foote, Cabinet Member for Communities, Hounslow Council, said: “The creation of WE Hounslow reflects the council’s commitment to work experience and working with local businesses to support residents of all ages take a step up on the career ladder.

“Work experience is so valuable in preparing people for the world of work. It gives them an idea of jobs available to them, skills they will need to undertake certain roles in a workplace environment.

“We are working with businesses and other organisations to help more people get placements to gain essential experience and enter the world of work.”

Hounslow Council apprentice Umar, said: “My first experience of the world of work was a two week placement I had with SmarTech.

“It was really helpful to be in a professional environment and helped me gain skills which I still use in my current role as an apprentice at Hounslow Council.

“Whether you want a taste of what working life is really like, or just want to explore new career options, work experience can really help.”

Find out more about how Hounslow Council could help you by visiting the WE Hounslow page. If you are a business that would like to speak to someone about work experience within your organisation email

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