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Hounslow aims to deliver a brighter economic future

Opportunities for local small businesses and local people are the key features of the borough’s first ever Regeneration and Economic Development Strategy published by Hounslow Council.

The council intends to work proactively with partners on projects outlined in the strategy to enable the following:

  • attracting new investment into the borough
  • retaining and continuing growth of business
  • delivery of development in creative business – i.e digital, technology
  • quality jobs that invest in highly-skilled staff
  • development for affordable housing
  • delivery of major public transport and community infrastructure

The strategy outlines opportunities for ambitious small businesses and entrepreneurs, working in with larger businesses based in and around the borough.

These include creative industries, such as media and broadcasting and the ICT and digital sectors, where Hounslow has the first and second highest concentration of these jobs compared to the other London boroughs.

Regeneration of the community is also a major factor with plans for the building of new workspaces, high quality parks and open spaces and infrastructure. This will also incorporate new educational and health facilities and supporting business growth for the community.

There is a big push in the strategy to enable local people to become economically active, with support for the creation and retention of quality jobs in the borough for residents, and providing apprenticeships and training opportunities for young people.

Following the success of the Hounslow Town Centre Housing Zone’s £18.m grant from the Mayor of London in 2015, Feltham Town Centre has also been designated a Housing Zone by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

This will mean a share of £200m with 10 other Housing Zones around London, allowing us to unlock more housing development and facilities that benefit our local community.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “We want to ensure Hounslow is a borough where people enjoy living and is also a fantastic place to invest and do business.

“Hounslow Council’s commitment to regeneration and economic development is already embedded in our services.

“We would encourage residents, businesses and any potential investors in and around the borough to look at this strategy and get on board.”

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