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Fixed penalty for irresponsible dog owner

A dog owner has fallen foul of Hounslow Council’s enforcement team and been fined after failing to clean up after their pooch.

The resident of Thornbury Road turned a blind eye to their dog’s deposit left on Spring Grove Road, Isleworth, which unfortunately for them did not escape the attention of a council enforcement officer, who issued an £80 fixed penalty notice.

The fine follows Hounslow Council’s call for dog owners to clean up their act with its thought-provoking dog fouling poster campaign.

Councillor Sue Sampson, Cabinet Member for Communities, Hounslow Council, said: “There is no excuse for owners who do not clean up after their dogs. It’s irresponsible and gives responsible dog owners a bad name.

“Dog owners are creatures of habit and often walk the same route every day when exercising their dog. The dogs themselves often foul in the same spots. If you live in an area where this happens it can be very frustrating, not to mention utterly disgusting, to be faced with this every day.

“While our enforcement team try their best to hold those who blight our borough to account, they can’t be everywhere at once. If you know someone who lets their dog foul on your street contact us with their details. We need a description of the owner and their dog, as well as the spot where fouling occurs and an approximate time that it takes place.”

Send any information about irresponsible dog owners to with as much information as possible. Report dog fouling on the streets for removal by visiting and clicking on the ‘contact’ tab.

Dog owners are reminded that bagged up dog foul can be placed in any waste bin and does not need to go into a designated dog waste bin.

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