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Find your career with Hounslow!

Hounslow Council is helping to make it easy for residents to find their perfect career during National Careers Week, which starts today, Monday 7 March and runs until Friday 11 March 2016.

The council is using the annual awareness week to promote careers and employment opportunities in the borough, particularly those professions where demand is expected to grow in coming years.

The easiest way to find out more about your ‘dream job’ is by going online to the council’s Find Your Career tool.

The web-based advice tool provides detailed local, careers information which can help make informed career choices.

Since its launch last year, Find Your Career has helped almost 1,400 people get sound advice on a range of careers. The website also offers visitors tests to help decide which professions they are most suited to as well as help build their CV.

During National Careers Week, Hounslow Council will be encouraging residents to find out more about a different key sector each day by posting online information on different jobs and how to access the information needed to apply for roles and get ahead.

Monday – ICT/Technology Sector 

Tuesday – Hospitality

Wednesday – Construction

Thursday – Transport & Logistics  

 Friday – Aerospace   

National Careers Week 2016 also provides an opportunity to celebrate how the council its partners are promoting employment, careers and skills to residents under the Work Hounslow programme. Key achievements include:

  • Hounslow Council’s job brokerage service, more commonly known as the Careers Coach has helped 94 residents secure local jobs
  • Almost 530 residents have visited the Careers Coach since its launch six months ago
  • 171 residents have joined the Skills Escalator project, with 23 clients increasing their income as a result and 17 clients reducing their reliance on or no longer receiving Housing Benefit [figures correct as of December 2015]

Work Hounslow offers a range of support to both residents and businesses. Projects include:

 Job Brokerage service – Borough wide job and skills brokerage, which works with local employers to ensure their vacancies can be filled by Hounslow residents. The service provides clients tailored one-to-one support on how to get closer to employment by providing information, advice and guidance.

Skills Escalator – The Skills Escalator project aims to help people with low incomes to get training and support to help them improve their skills, and increase their income either through increasing their hours in their current role or by supporting them to find higher-paying jobs and reducing their reliance on Housing Benefit.

Careers Coach – This is a new service which provides Hounslow residents with information, advice and guidance on employment, skills and training via a state-of-the-art converted truck, fully equipped with computer stations for residents to work on their CV or job application. The coach aims to provide information, advice and guidance to residents and sign up clients for Job brokerage and Skills Escalator, and also will offer support to low-paid in work residents who do not qualify for our other projects by signing them up for our work clubs and referring them onto the National Careers Service [NCS] if they require further support.

Hounslow Borough Apprenticeship Scheme – This borough wide approach to apprenticeships aims to increase the take up of apprenticeships by local residents and increase number of local businesses offering apprenticeships. The service also provides information, advice and guidance to a number of young people who are interested in taking part in an apprenticeship.

Hounslow Council Internal Apprenticeship Programme – The programme provides an internal apprenticeships opportunities within the council through a number of different frameworks which include Business Admin, AAT, Customer Service, Procurement, ICT, Transport and Engineering, and Planning.

Project Search – Supported internships for young people with learning disabilities and difficulties, comprising a one year work placement combined with classroom learning.

Councillor Sue Sampson, Cabinet Member for Communities, Hounslow Council, said: “We’re extremely proud of the projects, schemes and programmes that we are running here across the London Borough of Hounslow and the success they’re having in helping our residents find careers.

“Our Careers Coach service has seen a huge success rate in helping residents secure jobs locally as well which is really important.

“It is also about providing the right assistance, guidance and advice, so that people can look at finding something that is right for them, to make use of the skills they have or find out how they can learn new skills for a job they would like to do.”

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