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Primary school places offered


Primary school places have been offered to every Hounslow child whose parent or carer applied on time.

Figures released this week show that more than 94 per cent of pupils in the borough received a place at one of their top three preferred schools of choice and over 97 per cent received a place at one of their six preferred schools.

Over 80 per cent of children in Hounslow have a place at their first school of preference.

Councillor Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, Hounslow Council, said: “Demand for primary school places is at an all-time high and Hounslow’s schools are extremely popular due to the high standard of achievements for students of all abilities and backgrounds.

“It is fantastic to be able to offer every child a place, which given the ever-growing population and constraints to funding, is by no means easy.

“All of London’s schools are facing huge challenges to meet the increased pressure on places and here in Hounslow, we work very hard to ensure we can give our children the very best start in life by offering them the opportunity to get an education they deserve.”

This is the first year that the entire school admissions process has moved online and was for all primary and secondary applications for September 2016.

It has proved to be a big hit for parents and carers, as 96 per cent applied for a place before the October 2015 deadline.

The council offered weekly workshops to parents who needed support in making an application online.

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