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UKTI Dec 2014 Events

Web Optimisation for International Trade

29 January 2015 Does your business have an effective online strategy for boosting overseas sales? Is your site optimised for international search engines?

At this Master Class find out how to plan an international web strategy to target international customers more effectively. Learn how to increase your global customer reach by increasing your online visibility and rank higher in international search engines.

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Asia Pacific Life Sciences Clinic

10 December 2014   Last Chance to Book Registration Deadline: 14:00 on Friday 5 December 2014

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to find out about the prospects for your business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Specialist Biotechnology and Healthcare Trade Officers from British Embassies in the following countries will be available for pre-booked 30 minute, one-to-one meetings.

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The India Marketing &Strategy Programme 23-27 March 2015

India may be a complex and challenging market but it is one that cannot be ignored by UK companies that are seeking to expand overseas. India’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, with a rapidly expanding consumer class.

The programme is designed to present the latest marketing management theories and case studies, with the help of renowned lecturers and guest speakers from industry.

Application Deadline: Monday 2 February 2015 Organised by the Mayor’s Export Programme and sponsored by BDO LLP.

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Market Visits

Market Visit to the United States (New York City and Boston)

9-13 February 2015 Bioscience and Biotechnology Sectors

Application Deadline: Monday 8 December 2014 Organised by the Mayor’s Export Programme.


British Lifestyle Showcase (South Korea)

16-18 March 2015 Consumer Goods, Retail (non-clothing) and Food & Drink Sectors.

Application Deadline: Friday 16 January 2015

Market Visit to New Zealand (Auckland and Christchurch)

10-19 April 2015 Urban Innovation and Smart Cities Sector

Application Deadline: Monday 1 February 2015 Organised by the Mayor’s Export Programme


Expression of Interest to Visit Key Officials Gold Coast of Australia

27 April – 3 May 2015



Tradeshow Access Programme 2014-2015 Calendar To see what exhibition opportunities are available for the rest of the financial year in your sector.

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Doing Business in Egypt 9 December 2014

Exporting Electrical Products to Japan 10 December 2014

Doing Business in Brazil: Tax Exemption on UK Exports 10 December 2014

Exporting to Japan 11 December 2014

The Fundamentals of Digital Success (An Introduction for Mid-Sized Businesses) 16 December 2014

Multi-Channel Digital Content Strategy (Mid-Sized Businesses) 15 January 2015

Partner Activity

NASDAQ – The Next Steps for Private Companies (EEN) 9 December 2014

Invest in the US briefing (KPMG) 15 January 2014


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