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Council Tax freeze for tenth year

Hounslow Council last night (Tues 23 February) agreed to freeze its Council Tax for the tenth successive year.

A Band D property in the London Borough of Hounslow will pay £26 a week in 2016-17.


Leading councillors said that while cuts in government funding are “unprecedented”, and pressure is being put on key services, they will continue to protect frontline services wherever possible and minimise the direct impact on residents.


In a report HERE presented to Borough Council, Hounslow councillors considered a range of cuts in staffing levels, non-statutory and support services and the renegotiation of contracts for parks and leisure services.


Cllr Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement, said: “We’re all going through some difficult times, having to balance the books in the face of unprecedented cuts to funding. But we will do our utmost to protect the services residents rely on and look for improvements in frontline services where we can.


“It’s challenging, and it does involve having to make some hard decisions about the services we can afford. However, we are also aware of how regressive the Council Tax is and we will not simply pass the costs of the cuts onto residents when we know many are struggling to make ends meet.


“We have a prudent approach to financial management and there are robust plans in place to ensure we live within our means. As in any well-run organisation, we will keep a firm lid on spending and ensure our services are being run as efficiently as we can so they deliver value-for-money.”


Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of the Council, said: “Government cuts are hitting council finances badly and we’re having to make some difficult choices about how we spend money. Our priorities will remain education, housing and the care of vulnerable older and disabled residents; and where possible we will continue to absorb cuts rather than pass them on to residents in council tax bills.”

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