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Council helps low paid get on Skills Escalator

Low paid workers looking to progress their careers are being given a helping hand thanks to a new Hounslow Council project. The ‘Skills Escalator’ will help people with low incomes get training and support to help them improve their skills and find higher-paying jobs. Cllr Sue Sampson, cabinet member for communities and economic development at Hounslow Council, said: “Across the country, more working households were living in poverty than non-working, and last year, most claims for Local Housing Allowance came from working families.


“These people are struggling to get by, but because they are trying their best by going to work, they aren’t able to access the kinds of training and support available to those not in work.

“To tackle this, we’ve developed this project that will help people move up the career escalator and earn more money, whilst reducing dependency on benefits, saving the taxpayer money.”


Local Government Minister Kris Hopkins MP visited Hounslow to discuss the benefits and opportunities of the scheme last week.  The Minister heard how the project – funded by a grant of £162,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Transformation Challenge – will help people on low incomes who receive housing benefits or are housed in temporary accommodation.  Eligible people will work with an adviser to identify what skills training or qualifications will help them find better paying work or achieve a promotion with their current employer.  The advisor will also help with skills such as CV writing, and link them to job brokerage schemes. The project will also work closely with employers to understand their skills needs and provide their staff with suitable training to assist their businesses to grow.

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