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Council counts down to Recycle 360 contract

Hounslow Council is days away from transferring its recycling and waste services to Recycle 360, a trading arm of the wholly council-owned Lampton 360.

The new contract will see the introduction of a brand new fleet of vehicles and improved service standards across the board – from crew behaviour to customer information.

The council’s contract with Suez (formally Sita) will end this Friday (28 October) with the new contract beginning on Monday 31 October.

The decision to end the contract with Suez has come about in an attempt to raise service standards and improve the recycling and waste collection services residents currently receive.

Other contractual improvements include:

  • Where and how bins and recycling boxes are returned
  • Clearance of any waste spillage
  • Professional crew behaviour.

Councillor Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council said: “Residents deserve a better recycling and waste collection service and this new contract will deliver exactly that. For some time, we have received complaints about the current service and issues around how bins and boxes were being returned.

“We have made it clear to Recycle 360, this is a new contract with new service expectations and we want to see improvements across the board and increased satisfaction from residents.

“In the final few days of the current contract standards may start to fall well below service expectations, with some collections being missed entirely. We have asked Recycle 360 to ensure that any issues occurring this week are rectified as soon as possible on Monday 31 October.

“While next week is a significant step towards improving the current service, collections are unlikely to be perfect from day one. What will change is the commitment from both Recycle 360 and the council to deliver the service as specified and to schedule, and to work collaboratively to resolve issues.

“If any residents are affected in the early days of the contract I ask them to please bear with us while the new contract is rolled out. I promise that the improvements you will experience in the long term will be widely apparent as time goes on.”

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