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Brompton Bikes

The reason the company first came to Hounslow might not be what people imagine, or what the borough is appreciated for today – assets like the great transport connections and a thriving business community – but because Brompton inventor Andrew Ritchie needed a location that he could pedal to from his flat in Kensington, overlooking the Brompton Oratory. In fact, he still does the same commute today.

Establishing Brompton Bicycle in Hounslow may have been more of a convenient accident than the result of strategic planning, but the company has made a conscious effort to stay in the borough. Brompton Bicycle has grown rapidly since the first manufacturing site was acquired and full time production began over 25 years ago. However, what haven’t changed are the reasons for being located here in Hounslow. The links to both the city and the world are unrivalled; Heathrow is on the doorstep and the borough is served by a wide selection of trains and buses. Easy access to the M4 makes serving the UK network of Brompton dealers easy and efficient As Managing Director Will Butler Adam’s says, “We’re surrounded by other inspiring companies, soaking up the culture of London, whilst being in a perfect transport hub”.

The company has also invested a large amount in the people of the local area. The handmade nature of the product means that a highly skilled local workforce has been developed over the years. Now numbering over 200, together Brompton’s employees make more than 45,000 bikes a year. Across all departments in the factory and offices, there is a huge amount of specialist job knowledge that would be lost if the company were to relocate; loyalty to the workforce means loyalty to the borough and we look forward to a future on the Golden Mile.

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