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Brentford High Street a winner!

Work to improve Brentford High Street has won a prestigious award.

Making the Connection, the name of the scheme which has seen parts of Brentford brought together that had been separated over time, was marked out for high praise at the Landscape Institute Awards.

Kinnear Landscape Architects [KLA] picked up the President’s Award for designing the works which judges said will “reconnect people to the place”.

Judges also said that Brentford High Street was now a “successful, liveable town centre and reasserted its sense of place and identity.”

The scheme’s aim was to return the connections in the area which had been eroded or forgotten but which had once made Brentford important. Brentford’s marketplace in the square has been revived market and the link to the water made more visible and accessible. Many people are only now realising how close the high street is to the River Brent.

There is now also a connection a specialised route for pedestrians and cyclists beside the waterway and the iconic riverside sheds have been revitalised. Local businesses on the Golden Mile were integrated and the marketplace square is proving to be popular with residents and visitors.

Lyn Kinnear, Director of KLA said: “To win this award for a project that connects with the community is wonderful.”

Hounslow Council is continuing to work with organisations such as KLA to help regenerate the borough so that the residents and visitors to the borough can enjoy the very best of local areas.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “We want to continue to enhance our cultural richness here in the borough and the newly refurbished Brentford High Street and the marketplace is just one example of this.

“It gives residents pride in where they live and work and gives them the opportunity to enjoy their community to the full. It will also greatly add to the experience of visitors and lead to many more wanting to come and see what our borough has to offer.”

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