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Boris Island sunk

Hounslow Council welcomes the Airports Commission’s decision not to add the inner Thames estuary proposal to its final shortlist.

Cllr Amrit Mann, deputy leader for Hounslow Council, said: “We, like most people, thought Boris Island was a flight of fancy and now that it has been sunk, Heathrow won’t have to close. 

“This makes many of the tens of thousands of jobs reliant on the airport more secure in the long term.

“We’re proud to have Heathrow on our doorstep and want to see it prosper.

“But we want a better not bigger Heathrow, and a better deal for the people of Hounslow. We want the best quality of life possible for our residents now.

“This means better protection from aircraft noise in our homes and schools and better public transport like a massively improved Piccadilly line and a new rail link from the south.”

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