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Bell Square Events 2016


Bell Square is the outdoor arts space in the heart of Hounslow, launched in 2014.  It’s a place where anyone and everyone can come to see some of the best outdoor performers in the world, for free.  Featuring anything from circus to dance to acrobats, the shows aim to delight and inspire people whether they’re 4 or 84. Situated at the end of Hounslow High Street, it’s a permanent outdoor space – a large square, with seating and standing space, and performances every other Saturday.  The Bell Square events programme aims to draw new visitors to the town centre, encourage people to stay longer and create an exciting and engaging destination.

The following events form the programme for 2016 at Bell Square (may be subject to change)

7 May 2016

Southpaw Dance: Carousel

A splendid, fully functioning merry-go-round provides the centre-piece for an edgy story of the enigmatic characters who inhabit the fairground.





21 May 2016

Company Chameleon : Of Man & Beast

A powerful, sensitive and revealing look at male group dynamics. Uncovering the many faces of men – strength, camaraderie, vulnerability and hostility.

company & chamelion







4 June 2016

Teatr KTO : Peregrinus

A day in the life of the 21st century “Everyman”, whose life is “suspended” between Home and Work for a corporation.  Homo Peregrinus is a formatted human being stripped of emotionality, predictable and bereft of individual characteristics.

Teatr KTO





18 June 2016

Tilted Productions : Belonging(s)

Outdoor promenade piece exploring belonging, migration and the fleeting nature of what surrounds us.

As audiences walk between the main scenes they will come across pop up performance vignettes involving members of the local community.




2 July 2016

Shaun Parker & C-12 Dance Company : Trolleys

Part dance. Part ballet. Part outdoor spectacle. Trolleys is a new ballet for five supermarket trolleys. Five shopping trolleys randomly appear in a public space. Two meet and fall in love. One grapples to find a friend. Three others revolt and ignite a dance of anarchy.

Shaun Parker




16 July 2016

Cie Barolosolo : Ileo 

Comedy from French circus company Barolosolo, which sees one clown ankle deep in water and the other going to increasing lengths to avoid getting wet. A poetic and musical performance with a strong environmental message

Cie Barolosolo





30 July 2016

Markeline : Andante

A theatre of masks that narrates, in a poetic manner, without words but with a wonderful sense of humour, stories that should not be forgotten. Stories about anonymous shoes in wartime. Shoes that could be ours.


  13 August 2016

IC Dancing: Life Boat

Climb aboard the Life Boat, relax in a hammock and look at the world from a slowly-changing point of view…

Life boat













27 August 2016

No Fit State/ Motionhouse : BLOCK

Giant breeze-blocks, endlessly deconstructed and reformed like a giant Jenga game, offer an infinite variety of shapes, structures and equipment to play on, move with and explore





TBC: Big Dance Bus

London’s iconic double-decker converted into a pop-up ballroom and ready-made rave.  Gets everybody dancing…

dance bus







24 Sept 2016  TBC

Roger Bernat : The Rite of Spring

Audience members are given headphones and welcomed into the performance space to the sound of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. Following instructions through the headphones, spectators re-enact Pina Bausch’s classic choreography in this immersive show that is both a game and choreography

rite of spring




8 Oct 2016

HURyCAN : Te Odiero

Dazzling show crossing between dance and circus. This stunning duet from Spanish company HURyCAN explores the boundaries in relationships and how one slip can become a dangerous pattern. Fast, frantic, funny and poignant, HURyCAN delivers surprise and shock in equal measure.




22 Oct 2016

Lieux Publics : Le Concert de Public

A magical musical performance in which the public produce a universe of incredible sounds, using their mouths and their bodies, a plastic bag from a supermarket, a balloon to blow up, a pan to hit, a telephone which rings. performing a full scale symphony on the streets






5 Nov 2016

Avanti Display : Reliquary

A bejewelled casket makes its enigmatic way around the town. Imagine the thrill of being chosen to peep inside whilst others can only stand and gawp, slack-jawed. ‘What can be inside you hear them cry’? Well, stand ready people, for we have discovered a new species, preserved its last egg and it’s about to ….no that could never happen!







19 Nov 2016

Same Sky: Winter Lights

Large-scale winter lights festival, developed by Same Sky and communities from across the borough





Same Sky









3 Dec 2016   TBC

Philharmonia Orchestra :  MusicLab

The iOrchestra truck contains a unique ‘play-and-create’ experience with something for everyone.  Sing-along with a huge virtual choir,  explore every instrument in the orchestra, or receive a tutorial in the french horn from a Philharmonia Orchestra player


12 Dec 2016 – Event TBC      

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