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Low Carbon

This sector that is targeted for growth at the regional level and currently provides approximately 2,800 jobs locally,  nearly half of which are concentrated in the decarbonising sub-sector and includes activities relating to electricity, energy equipment and sustainable transport.

Other notable sub-sectors include activities relating to improving resource efficiency (500 jobs in waste management, reuse and recycling) and multidisciplinary Low Carbon activities (500 jobs in engineering and technical testing).

Local Sub-Sectors

Primarily based in activities concerned in activities concerned with serving local needs, key sub sectors include:

  • Decarbonisation activities that reduce the carbon intensity of other sectors, such as energy production, transport and construction
  • Resource efficiency  – based around improving resource efficiency, primarily in waste management, reuse and recycling
  • Multi-disiplinary low carbon activities – jobs based across the economy, including engineering and technical testing activites




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