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Hounslow creates its own SAS!

An exciting new activity project aimed at helping Hounslow Schools to provide more opportunities for children to be active, is being launched by Hounslow Council this October.


Super Active Schools [SAS] is a programme the council will run in partnership with Brentford FC Community Sports Trust and Sport Impact, to encourage an increase in the amount of time children spend moving about.


A recent survey undertaken by the council, found that just 12 per cent of school children in the borough met the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of the recommended 60 minutes of activity a day.


In addition, a study by Fit for Sport [LTD 2015] of 10,000 primary school children across the UK, found that two thirds of them lacked basic fitness.


As a result of these figures today’s children might be the first generation ever to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.


In order to improve those statistics, tackle inactivity, and give children in Hounslow the best start in life, the SAS project will take a “whole school approach”.


This includes supporting and providing the borough’s primary schools with the tools and resources to encourage and enable their pupils to be more active in and around their lessons.


Initiatives such as a “A Mile a Day”, a cost effective, inclusive and fun way of providing daily activity for children at school, will be introduced in schools as part of a pilot scheme that will continue into next year.


Councillor Corinna Smart, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Leisure, Hounslow Council, said: “A project like this will lead the way in providing the best start for our children and young people enabling them to lead a healthier lifestyle.


“It is all about making sure children get the chance to exercise and move around as much as they can during the school day.


“The SAS scheme will encourage the importance of active living right throughout our schools, with parents, teachers, school governors and lunchtime supervisors also involved.  If it means that as a result we have a healthier generation of people for the future, then it can only be a good thing.” 


Schools that are interested in being part of Super Active Schools [SAS] project, should contact Sport Impacts Alan Watkinson by emailing 

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