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Lucozade Ad – Council Leader’s response

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, has penned an open letter to the Planning Inspectorate over the removal of the iconic Lucozade advertisement at York House, Brentford.

Please see letter below. The council awaits the Planning Inspectorate’s response.


Dear Sirs,

Over the Christmas holidays, JC Decaux installed an internally illuminated LED screen at York House, Brentford, to screen advertisements for drivers to see on the eastbound elevated M4 in Brentford.

To accommodate the new screen, JC Decaux removed the iconic copy of the 1920’s “dripping bottle” Lucozade advertisement that many people associated with the area.

This has caused great upset in the local community and attracted considerable attention from the media.

My planning officers have advised that they refused consent for the new LED advertisement screen, but that it was given consent on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. A copy of the appeal decision is attached.

Overall, I am concerned there is a lack of consistency with decisions for advertisements on the Great West Road. I appreciate there is a real pressure from advertisers to locate here, as one of the most valuable stretches of land for advertisements in the country. But it is mainly a residential area and local people are not happy about the brightness of the LED screens, which is completely different to the old style illuminated advert hoardings.

The Planning Inspectorate overriding the decisions of my planning officers, based on the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Act 2007 and Local Plan policy, is depressing.

However, there are inconsistencies as the Planning Inspectorate dismiss about eight applications for every one approved.

I would like to see an independent review carried out of the training and decision making of the Planning Inspectors involved in decision making on advertisement appeals in LB Hounslow since the 2007 Act came in to force.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully,


Cllr Steve Curran

Leader of Hounslow Council

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