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20mph considered for all Hounslow back roads

Tue, 30 June 2015

A raft of measures, including a blanket ban on driving over 20mph on all residential streets, are at the heart of a new drive to cut the number of people hurt on Hounslow’s roads.

The plans include making road safety a key consideration for all developers wanting planning permission and making it mandatory for all council staff and contractors driving HGVs to undergo cycle awareness training.

With children more likely to be hurt on the roads than adults, 20mph zones have centred around schools. By May 2018 this will apply to all schools.

But now, key to ambitious plans to improve road safety set to be unveiled at a public meeting at the Civic Centre from 5pm until 8pm on Tuesday 30 June, Hounslow Council is considering rolling out 20mph speed limits on all but the borough’s main artery routes.

Cutting the number of casualties is a key priority. A 17 per cent spike in the total number of people hurt on Hounslow roads in 2014 bucked a downward trend spanning several years.

A total of 1,063 cyclists, pedestrians drivers and motorcyclists were injured in Hounslow in the 12 months to December, according to new Transport for London (TfL) figures. This is the total for all modes – car occupants etc.

The picture was mirrored across London. Although the number of people killed or seriously injured fell across the capital, there was a 13 per cent hike in the overall number of casualties, fuelling calls for a pan-London cut to the speed limit. Evidence has shown that a pedestrian is 50 per cent less likely to be killed in an accident when the speed is cut by just 10mph.

And on Thursday London Mayor Boris Johnson said cutting casualties by 40 per cent by 2020 would be a policy priority.

Hounslow Council Cabinet Member for Environment Councillor Amrit Mann said: “We are very keen to hear what people think about plans we would like to implement that would drastically improve road safety in Hounslow. It is a serious problem across London and people are needlessly becoming victims and are sometimes left with life-changing injuries and sadly occasionally they are killed.

“Cutting the speed limit makes sense for people travelling just a short distance within the borough and we think we can do this without effecting through-traffic.”

Following the meeting a public consultation will run until 30 September.

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